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Had a dream where an old classmate was with me in my house and I fell asleep on the couch with her. Didn't do anything though. Wow I'm a pervert .w.

Also streamed around 90 minutes of stage 6 practice. I capped Scarlet Gensokyo 3 times. Decreasing my scope helped me spot the purple bubbles, knowing when it's safe to hold my position. I'm also dodging the kill wave and walls better. The kill wave is the one where many large bubbles are shot out. Trying to avoid dodging the bubble that reaches me first works great.

For Scarlet Meister, misdirecting to the left is on-spot, and I'm dodging towards the center, which is helping me capture it. It's still a really hard spell, but this method works better than scramming to the sides of the screen for safety. Not knowing where the bubbles were gonna launch made me panic in the video, but I held my ground for good damage.

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