Jul. 2nd, 2015

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Started my day out with a glass of water and two regretful PMOs then some stage 6 practice which I soon realized was a horrible way to begin. Taking a warm-up run is a better approach, as it helps me get comfortable tracking bullets in a wider scope. I've become aware of what I need to work on; fundamental dodging. I'll list a few bad dodging habits that I've formed over the time playing.

1. The "V" dodge: Two bullets start at the top end of the V and close in towards the bottom. My instinct is to hurry zoom through the opening, even if I can dodge elsewhere. Even though I don't die in the clip, it's still a fundamental mistake.

2. Deathtracking: The need to stay under the boss, even if it means death. Shotgunning often leads to this.

Another example where shotgunning leads to my demise:

3. The Narrow Scope: Confining one's self to a small area to dodge, even if there are optimal routes outside the scope.

There were many other safer routes outside of my scope in the next one:

4. Unused Dodging Space (A variant of The Narrow Scope): Being unaware of the surrounding bullets and open space makes it less comfortable to move openly.

Here's another example where I could have moved to the bottom right:

5. Dodging at the bottom of the screen. I don't consider this one a bad habit as it increases precision due to being able to hold the down arrow while moving left and right to move at half the regular speed while focused. It does get me killed every now and then though :3 so inappropriate use and dependence is dangerous.

(This one was also because of silly dodge routing)

Become aware of these habits and don't let them form (except for maybe the 5th, which I advocate a lot). If I spot any more consistent mistakes that I can slap labels on, you can expect to see them on this blog! Have a great day and thank you for reading ;)

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