Jul. 4th, 2015

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 Today was fucking amazing. I got to meet some Touhou fans in my area, and had a lot of fun playing some 12.3. Someone brought an art book from a shop in Akihabara and cosplayed as Reisen :3 I only brought my Koishi hat since sewing was something I've never done. There were a lot of people playing Vanguard and Magic, but good thing everyone put deodorant on! I really want to introduce the shooting games at an upcoming convention 1 month from now, since it's what I'm really into.

Some things we could have done better for the 12.3 tournament are...
  1. Having players submit their profiles online, removing the need to configure controllers each time
  2. More hype PogChamp
  3. Better speakers
  4. More computer stations (we only had 2)
  5. Configuring OBS to accept fullscreen 12.3 on a separate monitor, and updating the scores after each round


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