Dream 2

Jul. 9th, 2015 04:30 pm
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I haven't had any dreams in a while, so last night, I thought to myself, "I will have a dream tonight." And sure enough, it happened! I recorded it in my journal to improve my connection with the dream world.

The world is set in a minecraft style. I'm living in a treehouse in a jungle biome with KC, an old friend from high school. She goes off with her parents to some place, and I follow her by flying. While going crossing a large river, I find a large bee farm.

I find a sword that looks like a small black thunderbolt and stab some minecraft zombies. One of them is wearing full diamond armor, so I run away. I find a dungeon entrance, and inside it looks like a golden hotel lobby. There are zombies coming in from four entrances, so I barricade them.

*Wakes up*


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