Dream 3

Jul. 13th, 2015 02:00 am
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 Setting: Along the road from a high school to a passport renewal store.


I'm running along the right side of the road from Father Duenas Memorial School to American Passport Renewal Center at superhuman speed. It's exhilarating! I'm also with my Godbrother, Nick. While running, a person comes out of the jungle on the left and shoots Nick with a pellet pistol. He's stunned by the pain. The person keeps shooting while walking closer. Because the air has less time to slow down the plastic pellets, it gets more painful for him. Suddenly, another person comes trying to shoot me. I take cover behind a cement barricade and log-out, making me invisible, but still able to see the setting in first-person. Nick keeps getting shot, and soon enough, starts screaming and crying out in pain. The shooter is relentless. He ignores his screams and keeps shooting his seemingly infinite stream of shots. I watch helplessly since if I were to log-in, there would be a chance I would end up like him.

You can't save everyone.

*Wakes up*

I'm not as phased by this as you might think. I'm pretty desensitized to emotions, so I can take this dream with a grain of salt. It did disturb me though. Afterwards, I went back to sleep and had a dream about my getting a computer virus, but that doesn't warrant a post ^^

Dream 2

Jul. 9th, 2015 04:30 pm
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I haven't had any dreams in a while, so last night, I thought to myself, "I will have a dream tonight." And sure enough, it happened! I recorded it in my journal to improve my connection with the dream world.

The world is set in a minecraft style. I'm living in a treehouse in a jungle biome with KC, an old friend from high school. She goes off with her parents to some place, and I follow her by flying. While going crossing a large river, I find a large bee farm.

I find a sword that looks like a small black thunderbolt and stab some minecraft zombies. One of them is wearing full diamond armor, so I run away. I find a dungeon entrance, and inside it looks like a golden hotel lobby. There are zombies coming in from four entrances, so I barricade them.

*Wakes up*
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 To convert the masses into Touhou STG fans, I'll be setting up an exhibition table with freeplay stations for the con-go'ers to try it out. Although a lot of the people on Guam are fighting game fans, there may be a chance of people getting interested. There will be pretty signs and rewards for those who make enough progress. I do think about an incentive having a negative effect in the long-term, but getting people interested in the series seems like a good idea. Instead of having the "do it or don't even bother" mindset, I'm going with "well, at least they're doing it." After all, in my opinion, it appeals to the masses more that way.

On the Koishi cosplay, I have no idea where to start ;_;
I have the hat, but that's it. I need the dress and eye. I've never been an arts and crafts kind of person. Maybe I can get my mom to sew something, although she did say to me that cross-dressing was against the bible. I find it fun, and it doesn't seem like a serious violation against God. Personally, I don't agree with physically becoming a girl, but cross-dressing seems okay.

If anyone's out there who can help on how I'll make the costume, feel free to let me know ^_^

I also went Pixiv browsing and found a ton of good Aya photos! I don't save the lewd stuff though.
Cute Aya Picture
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 Today was fucking amazing. I got to meet some Touhou fans in my area, and had a lot of fun playing some 12.3. Someone brought an art book from a shop in Akihabara and cosplayed as Reisen :3 I only brought my Koishi hat since sewing was something I've never done. There were a lot of people playing Vanguard and Magic, but good thing everyone put deodorant on! I really want to introduce the shooting games at an upcoming convention 1 month from now, since it's what I'm really into.

Some things we could have done better for the 12.3 tournament are...
  1. Having players submit their profiles online, removing the need to configure controllers each time
  2. More hype PogChamp
  3. Better speakers
  4. More computer stations (we only had 2)
  5. Configuring OBS to accept fullscreen 12.3 on a separate monitor, and updating the scores after each round
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Started my day out with a glass of water and two regretful PMOs then some stage 6 practice which I soon realized was a horrible way to begin. Taking a warm-up run is a better approach, as it helps me get comfortable tracking bullets in a wider scope. I've become aware of what I need to work on; fundamental dodging. I'll list a few bad dodging habits that I've formed over the time playing.

1. The "V" dodge: Two bullets start at the top end of the V and close in towards the bottom. My instinct is to hurry zoom through the opening, even if I can dodge elsewhere. Even though I don't die in the clip, it's still a fundamental mistake.

2. Deathtracking: The need to stay under the boss, even if it means death. Shotgunning often leads to this.

Another example where shotgunning leads to my demise:

3. The Narrow Scope: Confining one's self to a small area to dodge, even if there are optimal routes outside the scope.

There were many other safer routes outside of my scope in the next one:

4. Unused Dodging Space (A variant of The Narrow Scope): Being unaware of the surrounding bullets and open space makes it less comfortable to move openly.

Here's another example where I could have moved to the bottom right:

5. Dodging at the bottom of the screen. I don't consider this one a bad habit as it increases precision due to being able to hold the down arrow while moving left and right to move at half the regular speed while focused. It does get me killed every now and then though :3 so inappropriate use and dependence is dangerous.

(This one was also because of silly dodge routing)

Become aware of these habits and don't let them form (except for maybe the 5th, which I advocate a lot). If I spot any more consistent mistakes that I can slap labels on, you can expect to see them on this blog! Have a great day and thank you for reading ;)

Cute Remi uguu~

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 I started playing some EoSD stage 6 practice earlier. I was doing worse than usual. It felt like my fundamental dodging skills just went down the shitter. Instead of tanking through it, I decided to take a break and deal with some real life matters. Cleaned my keyboard, shaved, ate, and got some real life maintenance sorted out.

Dream 1

Jun. 30th, 2015 11:24 pm
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 I'm sitting on the bleachers at my old elementary school's gymnasium playing LoLK. Half the gym is segmented off by a giant wall and some double doors. It's also really dark on the other side. In it, I find Eiki Shiki and Komachi as a double boss (think DDC stage 4) for one of the later stages of LoLK. Their appearances are similar to the picture below.

Komachi and Eiki

I try to take them down, and realize that their patterns are as difficult as GFW without freezes. I use my bombs, but they don't do anything. I then find out that I have to kill Komachi to be able to damage Eiki. My original goal of LNB'ing the game is gone, and a L1CC seems pretty ridiculous already. I leave the dark part of the gymnasium and sit back down. The buses arrive to take me home, but then I realize that I left my backpack in the dark part. As I enter, I see Eiki and Komachi slowly fly down with their red eyes glowing, creeping to me as I search for my backpack. I find it, then immediately get the fug out of there, closing the double doors. I'm running as fast as I can so I don't miss the bus, and luckily the last bus ends up stopping for me. The dream ends.


Jun. 30th, 2015 01:21 pm
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 Been having a lot of dreams recently. I'll use this blog as a dream journal so I don't forget.

On Chum

Jun. 30th, 2015 05:34 am
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A few hours ago, he was streaming some agar.io and talked about a Tenshi x Hatate (lol) ship. Seeing this really helped me dispel the thought that good touhou players only play touhou, and having interest in media/other games is a waste of time. It's ironic to think this after my "No Breaks Allowed" post, but so be it.

Accompanying my posts with a picture sounds nice too.

Scarlet Mist Incident
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Had a dream where an old classmate was with me in my house and I fell asleep on the couch with her. Didn't do anything though. Wow I'm a pervert .w.

Also streamed around 90 minutes of stage 6 practice. I capped Scarlet Gensokyo 3 times. Decreasing my scope helped me spot the purple bubbles, knowing when it's safe to hold my position. I'm also dodging the kill wave and walls better. The kill wave is the one where many large bubbles are shot out. Trying to avoid dodging the bubble that reaches me first works great.

For Scarlet Meister, misdirecting to the left is on-spot, and I'm dodging towards the center, which is helping me capture it. It's still a really hard spell, but this method works better than scramming to the sides of the screen for safety. Not knowing where the bubbles were gonna launch made me panic in the video, but I held my ground for good damage.


Jun. 28th, 2015 07:17 am
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 Feel free to ask me anything. I'm not too embarrassed to share my life with others.
Relevant song: www.youtube.com/watch
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Recently, I've set a goal to Lunatic No-Miss No-Bomb EoSD. Does it make sense as of now to keep restarting runs at my first death? This will only lead to burnout, something that constant failure causes to me. The trick to achieving a goal like this is to make it "the sum of it's parts." I'm going to start out small by...
  1. Improving my Lunatic No-Bomb runs (getting 6 miss and below)
  2. Consistently getting perfect stages 1-3
  3. Practicing for a perfect Patchouli fight
  4. Practicing green books when I'm feeling confident
  5. Having fun in stage 5 and 6 practice
...and most importantly by not fapping. I've felt for the past 2 years that PMO (Porn -> Masturbation -> Orgasm) has fogged my mind, decreased my motivation to achieve, and fugged up my social skills. For the last 5 days, I've abstained a lot more than ever. All I had to do was turn off the R-18 filter on Pixiv and not visit any sites (pixiv, danbooru, r/touhou, etc) that could "get me in the mood." I'm at the point where even a suggestive image would get me searching, so by not even being tempted, I can avoid PMO on an easier route than having my (nonexistent) willpower tough it out. For all who read this, try stopping for a few days, and see what happens. For me, in the past week, I have...
  • Started running for the first time in almost a year
  • Started using this blog again
  • Worked a bit towards organizing my Touhoucon trip
  • Folded my clothes
  • Been writing daily notes on paper to reflect on anything
...all because I didn't PMO for a few days.

Anyways, the title of this blog post is "No breaks allowed." From the serious shmupping Touhou community, I've been feeling pressure to have to dedicate myself to the series with no breaks, risking condemnation and being considered a "secondary." How would college be if you had to study 24/7, with no social activities or campus events? Burnt out probably. With Touhou, if I were to spend 5 hours a day playing Touhou, pressured by peers, I'd go insane (and tired). I like to play for 90 minutes, then switch on over to some osu! mania, minecraft, or datyoumugame. I even stream it to let others know that I'm proud of taking breaks. There is no shame in it. Sometimes, you just gotta unwind for a while (just not through PMO ;).

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Thanks for reading this.
Let's get rolling now!


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