Jul. 9th, 2015

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 To convert the masses into Touhou STG fans, I'll be setting up an exhibition table with freeplay stations for the con-go'ers to try it out. Although a lot of the people on Guam are fighting game fans, there may be a chance of people getting interested. There will be pretty signs and rewards for those who make enough progress. I do think about an incentive having a negative effect in the long-term, but getting people interested in the series seems like a good idea. Instead of having the "do it or don't even bother" mindset, I'm going with "well, at least they're doing it." After all, in my opinion, it appeals to the masses more that way.

On the Koishi cosplay, I have no idea where to start ;_;
I have the hat, but that's it. I need the dress and eye. I've never been an arts and crafts kind of person. Maybe I can get my mom to sew something, although she did say to me that cross-dressing was against the bible. I find it fun, and it doesn't seem like a serious violation against God. Personally, I don't agree with physically becoming a girl, but cross-dressing seems okay.

If anyone's out there who can help on how I'll make the costume, feel free to let me know ^_^

I also went Pixiv browsing and found a ton of good Aya photos! I don't save the lewd stuff though.
Cute Aya Picture

Dream 2

Jul. 9th, 2015 04:30 pm
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I haven't had any dreams in a while, so last night, I thought to myself, "I will have a dream tonight." And sure enough, it happened! I recorded it in my journal to improve my connection with the dream world.

The world is set in a minecraft style. I'm living in a treehouse in a jungle biome with KC, an old friend from high school. She goes off with her parents to some place, and I follow her by flying. While going crossing a large river, I find a large bee farm.

I find a sword that looks like a small black thunderbolt and stab some minecraft zombies. One of them is wearing full diamond armor, so I run away. I find a dungeon entrance, and inside it looks like a golden hotel lobby. There are zombies coming in from four entrances, so I barricade them.

*Wakes up*


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